Floyd Mayweather Tiny, TI Mocks Boxer's Father

Tuesday, November 29, 2016
Floyd Mayweather released a video that shows him dancing with Tiny Harris, TI's wife.  The boxer shared the video after TI posted a video that shows himself and Kevin Hart making fun of Mayweather's dad.  Check out both videos towards the bottom of this post.  This is Round 2 for Floyd Mayweather and TI!

Floyd Mayweather's Father

This isn't the first time Kevin Hart has taken a shot at Floyd Mayweather, Sr.  The video towards the bottom of this post shows Kevin in a hilarious boxing skit, mocking the boxing trainer and his son.

Floyd Mayweather Tiny TI Mocks Boxer's Father
Floyd Mayweather Tiny TI Mocks Boxer's Father

The video below shows Floyd and Tiny stepping in the name of love at Mariah Carey's Halloween party:

TI has matured over the years but Floyd is about to make him go back to his Trouble Man ways.

You can only push a man so far before he's forced to push back.  We guess Mayweather applied the same logic after the rapper posted the following video:

TI's past gun charges prove that he's not the best decision maker.  Do you think TI will retaliate?

The following video shows Kevin Hart making fun of Mayweather and his father.  Do you think Floyd should be upset with Kevin Hart instead of TI? Let us know in the comment section below.

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