Colonel Abrams Death

I am sad to report the death of Colonel Abrams.  The 1980s soul singer passed away on Friday, November 25, 2016.  He was 67-years-old.  Abrams is best known for his 1980s hit “Trapped.” In 2015 the singer was suffering from diabetes.  As a result of the illness, Colonel experienced major financial problems.

Abrams was born on May 25, 1949 in Detroit, Michigan.  After a few years in Detroit his family moved to New York.  Abrams discovered his passion for music at a young age.  He played the piano and guitar.  He worked hard to perfect his craft and eventually joined the band Heavy Impact.  Colonel played the keyboards and guitar for the band.

Colonel Abrams Death
Colonel Abrams Death

In the late 1960s, Colonel joined the group Conservative Manor which also featured his brother, Morris.  In 1976, Abrams formed the band 94 East.  The group featured Prince on lead guitar.

In 1985 Abrams released the song “Trapped” which is still played on numerous dance radio stations around the world.  The song was number 1 on the US Hot Dance Club Play chart in September 1985.  The single has been sampled and remixed several times ensuring that Abrams will never be forgotten.

Check out Colonel Abrams video for “Trapped”:

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