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Who Plays Philip On Empire? Juan Antonio

Juan Antonio is the actor who plays Philip on Empire.  Say goodbye to Michael Sanchez and D-Major because Philip is Jamal's new love interest on the series.  Philip is a military veteran Jamal meets thanks to his PTSD support group.  Philip runs the group and truly cares about Jamal's well-being.

This isn't Juan's first time appearing in a series with Taye Diggs.  Antonio plays Luke Wedman on the series Murder in the First.  Diggs plays Terry English in the TNT drama series.  Similar to Taye Diggs' character, Angelo DuBois, Philip is special.  Philip doesn't care about Jamal's fame, he just wants him to be happy.

Check out Twitter's reaction to Jamal's new lover boy:

Jamal, D-Major, and Philip bout to be a real triangle? Or a real something else? #Empire — Joshua Allen (@joshofanarchy) December 1, 2016
Nothing is off limits when it comes to Empire.  Who can forget Andre's threesome with Nessa and Rhonda's ghost!? We guess Rhonda's a rid…

Beyoncé Gorilla Mode 2

Beyoncé "Gorilla Mode 2" was released yesterday according to Google.  The notification was a mistake.  The search engine got the singer mixed up with a mixtape title Gorilla Mode 2 by King B.  The Bey Hive is constantly on Bey Watch after the singer's 2013 surprise album Beyoncé.  Queen Bey did recently release her standalone video, "All Night."

Beyoncé's video for "All Night" is an individual clip from the singer's most recent album, Lemonade.  The amazing visual features footage from Beyoncé's personal home videos.  Her husband, Jay-Z is seen in the video along with her daughter, Blue Ivy.  Scroll towards the bottom of this post to see the video.

The singer's fans went crazy after finding out that she released the video on YouTube.

Vevo posted some cool clips from the video.  Beyoncé is one of the busie…

‘Empire’ Season 3 Chicago Casting Call for Hot Bartenders

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Fox’s Empire is now casting hot guys in Chicago, Illinois. 4 Star Casting is now casting actors, models, and talent to work on an upcoming episode of Empire. Casting directors are looking for the following roles: HOT MALE BARTENDERS SHINE’S GUYS Casting directors are looking for attractive guys and “rough” men in Chicago, Illinois. About Fox’s Empire: ‘Empire’ centers around a hip […]
‘Empire’ Season 3 Chicago Casting Call for Hot Bartenders
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Queen Latifah’s ‘STAR’ Atlanta Casting Call for Prison Visitors

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Project Casting - Casting Calls, Acting Auditions, Movie & TV News for FreeFox new TV series STAR is now casting prison visitors in Atlanta, Georgia. Fox’s new TV series Queen Latifah’s STAR is now casting prison visitors in Atlanta, Georgia. Producers are also looking for guys to play construction workers. Filming will take place on Thursday, December 1st in Atlanta, Georgia. About Star: Star tracks down her sister, SIMONE (newcomer Brittany O’Grady), and […]Queen Latifah’s ‘STAR’ Atlanta Casting Call for Prison Visitors
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What Happened To The Father On This Is Us?

What happened to the father on This Is Us? In season 1, episode 5, "The Game Plan" we find out that Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) died at some point after 2006.  Kate reveals Jack's fate when she explains why she enjoys watching Pittsburgh Steelers games at home, alone.  Kate is not exactly alone.  She watches the game with Jack's ashes.

In episode 9, "The Trip" we see Jack via flashback.  We find out that he didn't know that William was alive and in his son's life.  When a young Randall starts asking questions about his real parents, Jack felt it necessary to help him understand where he really came from.

Jack hires a private investigator to find Randall's birth parents.

It's amazing how Randall goes right into being a boy again around his dad Jack. Beautiful work @sterlingkb1. Beautiful son. #ThisIsUs. MV — Milo Ventimiglia (@MiloVentimiglia) November 30, 2016
Rebecca is adamant about her and Jack being Randall's parents.  Jack and Rebecca…

Is Neymar Jr Dead Or Alive? Brazilian Soccer Team Plane Crash

Status: Alive

Neymar did not die in the Brazilian soccer team plane crash.  He is alive.  Sadly, 71 passengers passed away on a flight carrying the Chapecoense soccer team.  The crash was Colombia's worst in 20 years.  The British Aerospace 146's flight data recorder and cockpit voice recorder have been recovered and are currently being investigated.

Chapeconense is a Brazilian football club that is based in Chapecó, a city in Santa Catarina.  The team was founded in 1973.  They won their first title in 1977, defeating Avaí in the Santa Catarina State Championship.

Who Died In Brazilian Soccer Team Plane Crash? Twenty journalists, players, coaches and invited guests passed away in the crash.  Only 3 members of Chapecoense survived.  The survivors are listed below:

Alan RuschelHelio NetoJakson Follmann The documents below provide the names of the passengers that died in the tragic accident:

Neymar Jr Son Died? The rumor that Neymar Jr's son, Davi Lucca, died is false.

The cr…

Who Was Instantly Saved On The Voice?

Who was instantly saved on The Voice? Aaron Gibson.  There are now 8 contestants left.  Miley Cyrus is Aaron's coach.  Ali Caldwell is Miley's only additional singer in the final 8.  Coach Adam Levine has 3 contestants in the final 8: Josh Gallagher, Billy Gilman and Brendan Fletcher.  Blake Shelton has one contestant in the top 8, Sundance Head.

Alicia Keys has two contestants in the top 8, We McDonald and Christian Cuevas.  The show started with the 10 remaining contestants performing "Circle Of Love" with Dolly Parton and Jennifer Nettles.

Who Was Kicked Off The Voice? Austin Allsup and Courtney Harrell went home on The Voice on Tuesday, November 29, 2016.  Here's a recap of how it all went down.

Austin, Courtney and Aaron were the bottom 3 contestants.  Austin performed "Tennessee Whiskey."  The song enabled the singer to show off his country sound.  Courtney performed after Austin.  Courtney performed "Bless The Broken Road." She receive…

Is Kate On This Is Us Really That Big? Fat Suit?

Is Kate on This Is Usreally that big? Or is Chrissy Metz wearing a fat suit like the one she wore in American Horror Story: Freak Show? Chrissy is the size she appears to be on This Is Us.  While the actress was not big enough to portray her character on American Horror Story, her contract with NBC requires her to lose weight.

Chrissy's contract states that she must lose weight in the trajectory of the character she plays on the show.  When I found out about this news, I started planning my hate letter to NBC.  After reading the full article I found out that Chrissy was happy to sign the contract.  The actress explained that it's a win-win situation.

In the ninth episode of the show's first season, "The Trip" we see Kate, Kevin and Randall, "The Big Three" drive to their family cabin to let off some steam.  Kate gets upset after Olivia and her friends arrive.  Kevin invited Olivia without telling Kate.  
According to Olivia, the family is holding Kevin …

Who Plays Angelo's Mom On Empire? Diana Dubois? Phylicia Rashad

Phylicia Rashad is the actress who plays Angelo Dubois mom, Diana, on Empire.  The talented actress is best known for her role as Clair Huxtable on The Cosby Show.  The 68-year-old has over 40 years of experience as an actress.  On Empire, Rashad's character, Diana is the head of one of the wealthiest African-American families in New York.

In episode 7 of Empire's third season, "What We May Be" Cookie swallows her pride and asks her sister, Candace (Vivica A. Fox) for advice on how to plan a family dinner that will impress Angelo's mother.  Diana can care less about Cookie's dinner.  The only thing important to Diana is Angelo.    

Diana is fighting hard to get Angelo into a higher political office and she doesn't understand why he would want to be associated with a family like the Lyons.  Diana clashes with both Cookie and Lucious to protect her son's future.  
While Cookie is a former drug dealer, Clair was a successful lawyer.  One thing they do ha…

Empire x G by GUESS Giveaway

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Check out the following video from the Empire G by GUESS event:

‘STAR’ Atlanta Casting Call for Funeral Mourners

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Project Casting - Casting Calls, Acting Auditions, Movie & TV News for FreeFox new TV series STAR is now mourners in Atlanta, Georgia. Central Casting is now casting African American men and women to play mourners ata  funeral. Filming will take place on Wednesday, November 30th in Atlanta, Georgia. About Star: Star tracks down her sister, SIMONE (newcomer Brittany O’Grady), and her Instagram bestie, ALEXANDRA (newcomer Ryan Destiny), and together, the […]‘STAR’ Atlanta Casting Call for Funeral Mourners
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Samantha Mom Love And Hip Hop Kim Wallace

Samantha's mom, Kim Wallace, was seen in the previews for Love and Hip Hop's third episode of season 7, "Chest Pains." In the episode, Yandy Smith tries to keep the peace within the family yet rumors about Samantha lead to drama.  Samantha is seen explaining the family's problems to her mother, Kim.

Samantha tells Kim that Yandy needs to learn her place as the stepmother to Samantha's son.  We then see Yandy talking to Kim about the situation.  Yandy reveals that Mendeecees' mother, Judy told her that Samantha hasn't been fulfilling her duties as a mother.  Kim loses her temper and flips the table.

Not certain what Yandy said to make Kim throw the table!?

Sam's mom really just threw a table? Why do these older women not know how to act? #LHH#LHHNY I'm not surprise Samantha don't have her son. — IG: LydiaReality (@LydiaReality) November 29, 2016
The preview then shows Judy and Kim arguing.  Kim claims that she just wants everyone to be hone…

Sky Landish, Love And Hip Hop New York

Sky Landish is DJ Drewski's girlfriend on Love and Hip Hop New York.  In episode 2 of season 7, "Strawberries" we see Drewski flirting with rapper, Bianca Bonnie at a music showcase in Queens.  Drewski explains to Bianca that his girlfriend, Sky, is like his assistant.  Drewski is a player and Sky knows it.

When Sky confronts Drewski about attending the showcase the DJ insists that he's focused on his career.  Sky doesn't trust Bianca and more importantly, she doesn't trust Drewski.

Sky is half-German and half-Jamaican.  She attended Hunter College where she majored in Psychology.  Upon graduating, she started a health and fitness company, StripNFitness.  Drewski is helping her take the business to the next level.

The tweet below discusses Sky and Drewski's relationship issues:

Tbh why is Sky trying to check Bianca she should be checking her man. A common mistake women make. #LHHNY — Slay Queen (@itsslayqueen) November 29, 2016
Sky calls Bianca out in t…

DJ Drewski Net Worth

Net Worth

Source of Wealth
Radio, Music


Birth Place
Elizabeth, New Jersey

Andrew Loffa aka DJ Drewski was born and raised in Elizabeth, New Jersey.  In season 7 episode 2 of Love and Hip Hop New York we see Drewski flirting with Bianca Bonnie.  Yandy Smith, Bianca's manager, introduces Bianca to the DJ but they already know each other.  Everyone knows Drewski.  He rose to fame as the producer of Hot 97's "The Cipha Sounds Show."

Drewski understands the importance of surrounding himself with greatness.  Along with Cipha Sounds, Angie Martinez is another one of the DJ's closest mentors.  More than a decade of hard work and solid connections has earned the DJ a spot at the top of the game.

Drewski's girlfriend, Sky Landish, is trying to transform the DJ from a player to a trustworthy companion.  Appearing on one of the most popular reality shows on television could make it more difficult for the DJ to stay faithful.

Drewski is the whit…

Sofi Green Love And Hip Hop Podcast, Age, Bio

Sofi Green is one of Love and Hip Hop New York's newest cast members.  In season 7, episode 2, "Strawberries" we see Sofi interview Snoop for her podcast.  The interview got a bit out of hand and J. Adrienne explodes.  Keep reading to see how Twitter reacted to another great episode of the VH1 series.

Sofi was born and raised in Washington, D.C.  Felicia "Snoop" Pearson is also from the DMV (DC/MD/VA).  Unlike Sofi, Snoop represents Baltimore, Maryland.  Great minds think alike.  Both Snoop and Sofi decided to move to New York to chase their dreams.

Sofi is full of confidence.  The rapper explains that you might recognize her from her work as a VJ on MTV2 and her podcast.

Sofi: "you may recognize me from..."

Us: NO! We don't know who tf you are — Dope💫 (@_broshemalawian) November 29, 2016
Green came on strong but this is the same reality series that Joseline Hernandez built her career on.  When you're compet…

Abdul Razaka Ali Artan Facebook Page Post Twitter Rant

Abdul Razaka Ali Artan is the 18-year-old Ohio State University student that rammed his car into pedestrians, leaving 11 injured.  Before the attack, Artan used his Facebook page to post a rant about Muslims being killed and tortured around the world.  Additional details about the Facebook post can be found below.  Keep reading to see how Twitter reacted to the incident.

Artan drove his vehicle into a crowd and began stabbing people with a butcher knife.  Ohio State University Police Officer Alan Horujko shot and killed Artan.  The 28-year-old officer was near the scene responding to a fire alarm.

The incident reminds us that we should be thankful for life.  Someone somewhere else is struggling to survive.

Facebook Page Post In Artan's Facebook post he explains that he's sick of seeing Muslims mistreated around the world.  In the United States the persecution of Middle Eastern people increased after 9/11.  The year after the incident hate crimes against Middle Eastern people …

Floyd Mayweather Tiny, TI Mocks Boxer's Father

Floyd Mayweather released a video that shows him dancing with Tiny Harris, TI's wife.  The boxer shared the video after TI posted a video that shows himself and Kevin Hart making fun of Mayweather's dad.  Check out both videos towards the bottom of this post.  This is Round 2 for Floyd Mayweather and TI!

Floyd Mayweather's Father This isn't the first time Kevin Hart has taken a shot at Floyd Mayweather, Sr.  The video towards the bottom of this post shows Kevin in a hilarious boxing skit, mocking the boxing trainer and his son.

The video below shows Floyd and Tiny stepping in the name of love at Mariah Carey's Halloween party:

#PressPlay : Remember that one time #Tiny caught heat for snapping a pic with #FloydMayweather at #MariahCarey's halloween party?? Welp! It looks like they did more than take a pic 👀🐸☕️ View previous post of #TI throwing shade at #Floyd @hollywoodunlockedA video posted by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom) on Nov 28, 2016 at 3:21pm PST
TI h…

Lawrence And Tasha Insecure, Top 10 Twitter Reactions

Lawrence and Tasha, Insecure hook-up made viewers go crazy.  Tasha the teller finally got exactly what she wanted.  Lawrence was tired of being Mr. Nice Guy so he did what he had to do.  Earlier this month, HBO renewed Insecurefor a second season and we can't wait! Will Issa and Lawrence get back together!?

Insecure's first season was unforgettable! This article presents the top 10 reactions to Lawrence finally knocking Tasha down.

We all knew it would happen sooner or later.  Tasha's laid back personality made Lawrence fall in love:

Are you mad at Lawrence? Do two wrongs make a right? Let us know in the comment section below!

I'm mad at lawrence and not mad at lawrence all at the same time #insecure — Kenké West (@AbenSare) November 28, 2016
 Tasha the teller earned those strokes according to the tweet below.
Tasha wanted Lawrence when he was cashing unemployment checks and working the electronics dept at Best Buy. She earned those henny strokes — kareem akbar (@Deion_…

How Many Kids Does Remy Ma Have? - Son, Jayson

How many kids does Remy Ma have? Remy Ma has a son named Jayson.  She is also the step mother of her husband's three children.  The second episode of Love and Hip Hop New York's season 7, "Strawberries" shows that the couple's kids are very talented rappers.  Papoose has a writing session and then they both freestyle, impressing Remy.

How Many Kids Does Papoose Have?Papoose has two daughters and a son.  The New York rapper is also the step father of Remy Ma's son.  Dejanae Mackie is the rapper's daughter that was recently seen on Love and Hip Hop.

Remy Ma And Papoose Son The image above shows the rapper with his son.  Papoose is a great father.  When Remy went to prison, Papoose had to work hard to hold the house down.  Fans love the couple's relationship.  The following tweet suggests that they should have their own series:

I think Remy Ma & Papoose just need their own show. #LHHNY — Kiing Junebugg (@OHSNAPitzKhriz) November 29, 2016
I'm a …

'Empire' Star Taraji P. Henson Auditioned For 'Scandal' — And Didn't Get The Part

Empireactress Taraji P. Henson made a confession to Deadpool actor Ryan Reynolds in Variety's "Actors on Actors" series: Henson auditioned for the iconic role of Olivia Pope on ABC's hit show Scandal. Kerry Washington ultimately won the role and has truly come to define the character — and Henson agrees, according to Variety.

"I auditioned for Shonda Rhimes for Scandal," she told Reynolds. "Thank God Kerry got it. It was her job." But imagine a world where Henson played Olivia Pope — and faced off with Mellie, President Fitz, and B1613. Instead, Henson won the role of Cookie Lyon years later — and it's such an iconic part that she gets recognized everywhere.

"Because you’re walking down the street, and there’s like, “Hey, Cookie!” she says. "And maybe I didn’t want the world to see how I look today."

Reynolds responds, "That’s the price of an iconic character that you play."

Read the rest of the exchange below and watc…

How Many Kids Does Juelz Santana Have?

How many kids does Juelz Santana have? The Love and Hip Hop New Yorkstar has three children.  Kimbella Vanderhee is the mother of his daughter, Bella and his son, Juelz.  The rapper has a son from a previous relationship named LaRon.  The former member of The Diplomats welcomed his first son, LaRon Louis James, Jr. on October 24, 2003.

The mother of Santana's first son is Brhea Phoenix.  The rapper's second son, Juelz Santana James was born on September 6, 2010 and is currently 6-years-old.  His daughter, Bella Monroe James, was born on July 21, 2012 and is 4-years-old.

In the second episode of the show's seventh season, "Strawberries" we see Kimbella interrupt Juelz's studio session like she was the HBIC!

Kimbella came in that studio like "all y'all dismissed" 😂😂😂😩 #LHHNY — W e $ t ✗♥ℴ (@CjayyTaughtHer) November 29, 2016
The reality star is acting brand new.  Some fans want to see Chrissy Lampkin return to put her in her place.

Kimbella was…

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