Sunday, October 23, 2016

YesJulz Snapchat Name

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Julienna Goddard aka YesJulz is a social media goddess who is dominating Snapchat.  She was born on March 3, 1990 and is currently 26-years-old.  Her followers love her party-first lifestyle.  There's not a major event that she's not spotted at.  She's always surrounded by famous actors and professional athletes.

Her consistency has earned her over 400,000 loyal followers on Instagram, a number very impressive for a person who is not a traditional entertainer.  Make sure you're following all of her social media accounts!

YesJulz Snapchat name is YesJulz:

YesJulz Snapchat Name
YesJulz Snapchat Name

Let's take a look at her top 10 Instagram pics of all time:

10. When she's in New York.

9. When she turns all the way up!

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8. When she's ice cold.

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7. When she's flawless from the back.

6. When she's in Cape Ferrat.

5. When she knows how to ride.

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4. When she's in Miami.

3. When she's counting down to Mexico.

2. When she's sporting Puma.

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1. When she's in Fort Lauderdale.

A photo posted by Julz (@yesjulz) on

The pics above explain why we can't get enough of the social media star.  While most of us have to work, she gets to party!

Check out YesJulz in the video below:

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