Sasha Banks Ethnicity

Sasha Banks’ ethnicity is often questioned.  The professional wrestler is of African American and German descent.  She was one of the original members of the BFFs (Beautiful, Fierce Females).  Her and Summer Rae teamed up to create the powerful group.  The duo defeated Paige and Emma back in 2013.

Banks and Charlotte will soon make history by becoming the first females to fight in one of the sport’s most dangerous settings: Hell In A Cell.  For the first time in WWE history, a pay-per-view special’s main event will be a match featuring two female wrestlers.  The ladies lead the sport’s diva revolution and we’re loving it!

Sasha Banks Ethnicity
Sasha Banks Ethnicity

Banks is actually Snoop Dogg’s cousin.  The rapper has actually helped her create her entertaining ring persona.  Snoop is often seen at her matches and he’s one of the reasons she fell in love with the sport.  When Sasha was a teenager, he would take her to matches.

In 2008, Snoop took Sasha to WrestleMania.  When your cousin is Snoop you don’t just sit in the stands.  The rapper introduced her to numerous wrestlers.  That backstage access made her fall in love with wrestling.  He explains that she was very excited.  Banks is still enthusiastic about the sport and we’re hoping she wins Hell In A Cell!

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