Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Pete Burns Before And After Plastic Surgery

Scroll to the image below to see before and after pictures of British singer, Pete Burns.  The 57-year-old suffered a heart attack.  Pete was best known as a member of the British band, Dead or Alive.  The band enjoyed massive success throughout the 1980s.  The talented artist was the band's vocalist and songwriter.

Social media is buzzing with old photos of the singer.  It's great seeing him celebrated as the beautiful boy he was as opposed to the plastic surgery addict he became.  It's amazing that someone so handsome could believe they need plastic surgery.  The musician had his first surgery in the 1980s after the group released their hit, "You Spin Me Round."

Pete Burns Before And After Plastic Surgery
Pete Burns Before And After Plastic Surgery

The singer's first surgery was a complete failure.  He had his nose done but it ended up so crooked that he was unable to wear sunglasses.  You would think that would have scared him away from plastic surgery but it did the exact opposite.  By 2005 he had his lips done, causing them to swell more than 15 inches.

Pete's amazing voice became the signature of the band in the 1980s.  Burns quickly became one of the most iconic figures of the 1980s dance music scene.

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