Master P Daughter On Drugs

Master P’s daughter, Tytyana “TaTa” Miller, has a drug problem that is revealed on the “Run in the Oven” episode of Growing Up Hip Hop.  On the episode, Cymphonique approaches Romeo after she speaks to their sister, TaTa.  Cymphonique explains that TaTa is ready to clean up her life by dealing with her drug habit.

Romeo explains that his sister had more freedom after their parents divorced.  Tytyana lived with her mother, Sonya, Master P’s ex-wife.  Master P is an authority figure, as we see in the episode.  That’s most like why TaTa wanted to live with her mother.

Master P Daughter On Drugs
Master P Daughter On Drugs

Master P isn’t worried about anything but his new app which will be a game inspired by his father.  Romeo and Cymphonique are in the kitchen when their father comes in rehearsing lines for the new game.  Romeo interrupts him and puts Cymphonique on the spot.  She informs her father that TaTa is ready to go to rehab.

Later in the episode, Cymphonique brings TaTa to the house where their father delivers a powerful speech.  It can be very difficult helping a family member who is addicted to drugs.  The rapper makes it clear to his daughter that he loves her but he is tired of dealing with her addiction.

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