Lil Yachty Credit Card Scammer

Sunday, October 30, 2016
Lil Yachty was a credit card scammer before he became famous.  The rapper, whose real name is Miles McCollum, was arrested in 2015 at The Gardens Mall located in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.  Him and his friend, Clarence Logan, were found with over 30 fraudulent credit cards.  Lil Yachty was 18 at the time.

Miles and Clarence were at LIDS, a hat store in the mall, when an employee reported them for using fraudulent credit cards.  The LIDS' employee called security and security called the police.  Clarence ran and was eventually caught by the police.  Over 10 fraudulent cards were found on Clarence and additional cards were found in Yachty's car.

Lil Yachty Credit Card Scammer
Lil Yachty Credit Card Scammer
Clarence had been in trouble before.  Police checked his background and found four warrants for his arrest.  They were both booked and charged.  Miles' bail was $11,000 while Logan's was $17,000.  One short year later Yachty has found success as a rapper.

He recently appeared on the song "Broccoli" by Big Baby D.R.A.M.  The track has over 68 million views on YouTube.
Yachty is currently beefing with Soulja Boy over India Love, a beautiful model.  The video above shows him dissing Soulja Boy.  The video below provides additional informational about Yachty's criminal past.

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