Katrina From Black Ink Crew Chicago

Katrina is doing the damn thing on Black Ink Crew Chicago.  The fourth episode of the show’s second season was named after her: “A New Kat-itude.” Van has been away from the shop for over 4 months and he’s not happy when he finds out Kat is gone.  She’s not exactly gone, she’s working upstairs.

Van’s gun possession charge led him to 4 months of boot camp.  Now that he is back at 9Mag he wants the shop to be like it was before he got locked up.  Katrina got into multiple fights with Charmaine and Ryan loves Charmaine so it doesn’t look like Kat will be returning to her booth anytime soon.

Katrina From Black Ink Crew Chicago
Katrina From Black Ink Crew Chicago

Van visits Kat upstairs where she explains what happened.  She reveals that she gave King Louie a tattoo causing everyone to start hating on her.  Van wants Kat back downstairs, refusing to let his 9Mag family split up.  Ryan has the future in mind and has hired two new artists: Junior and Cobra.

Later, Phor visits Kat upstairs.  He’s checking out her artwork but things get awkward when King Louie shows up.  The rapper is smiling from ear-to-ear, excited to show Kat how she looks in their new video.

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