Friday, October 07, 2016

Kanye West Exposed Party

Was the Kim Kardashian robbery an insurance scam planned by Kanye West!?

The last Kanye West Exposed Party was thrown in celebration of Kim Kardashian calling out Taylor Swift.  This time around the jokes on Yeezus.  Evidence from the incident has emerged, suggesting that the robbery was an inside job.  On October 3, 2016, Kim Kardashian was robbed at gunpoint.

Paris police are looking for a limo that was seen circling the property where Kardashian as staying at.  Steve Stanulis, the family's former bodyguard explained that the incident was most likely an inside job considering how difficult it is to find out where a high profile celebrity is staying at.

Kanye West Exposed Party
Kanye West Exposed Party

There are many people that believe Kanye West planned the robbery.  In February 2016, the 39-year-old rapper claimed that he was $53 million in debt.  A few months West buys Kim a 2-carat emerald-cut diamond ring for $4.5 million.  The emcee has never been shy about being materialistic and he could have been persuaded by the flashing lights.

Kanye was performing in the New York borough of Queens on the night Kim was robbed.  Some believe that he chose that night because he knew no one would suspect that he was involved on a night he was performing.  Paris police are determined to discover more details about the incident.  We'll keep you updated.

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