Monday, October 31, 2016

Is Princess Love Pregnant?

Is Princess Love pregnant? The reality star's weight is constantly fluctuating leading fans to believe that she's pregnant.  Princess and Ray J are currently focused on their careers, as proven by their disagreement over a prenup.  Princess is worried about building her personal brand while Ray is focused on Raytroniks.

Last month she revealed that she's not pregnant.  She got sick and tired of all the rumors involving her and Ray expecting a baby and decided to set the record straight.  Ray, on the other hand, doesn't mind the attention.  In the tweet below, Princess Love explains that she doesn't have any kids and she's not pregnant.

If the couple is still dealing with the issues we've watched them deal with on the show, they're not ready for a baby.  Princess is still attempting to forgive her father for abandoning her when she was younger.  Ray J's mother hasn't accepted Princess as a member of the Norwood family.

Is Princess Love Pregnant?
Is Princess Love Pregnant?

Ray J fully understands the benefits of publicity.  He practically built his career on his tape with Kim Kardashian.  Once he does get Princess pregnant, he won't hesitate to inform the world.  Until then, hopefully the couple will continue to work hard to improve their bond.