Is Kathleen Hall Jamieson Transgender?

Sunday, October 09, 2016
Kathleen Hall Jamieson was born a female and is still a female.  The rumor that she is transgender is false.

Kathleen Hall Jamieson is the director of the University of Pennsylvania's Anneberg Public Policy Center.  The center runs, a nonprofit that aims to reduce the confusion in U.S. politics.  She has been analyzing debates for decades and explains that the best debate questions identify the differences and similarities between the candidates on major issues.

This week we found out that Republican Party nominee for president, Donald Trump, made numerous crude statements to Howard Stern about women.  Trump discussed it all with Stern, including divorcing women once they're 35-years-old and his own daughter's physique.  The uncovered audio is great news for Hillary Clinton who will most likely be our next president.

Is Kathleen Hall Jamieson Transgender?
Is Kathleen Hall Jamieson Transgender?

Knowing Trump, he will fight fire with fire.  We're expecting him to do something over the top in the next few weeks.  In the video below Professor Jamieson analyzes Trump's statements, explaining that they are more than just words, they represent Trump's actions, things he has actually done:

In the next video the professor explains the impact of interruptions at the debates.  The audience at home is actually cued by the audience at the debate.  Audience applause makes viewers at home forget what a candidate is discussing, concluding that he or she must have made a great point.  The professor explains that an audience's reaction can swing a close election:

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