Is Joyce Meyer Dead?

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The rumor that Joyce Meyer is dead is completely false, the 73-year-old is alive and well.  Fake stories like these typically involve entertainer but times have changed.  Meyer will most likely ignore the rumor but we would love to hear her use it in her next speech.  The St. Louis native always has the perfect words to motivate and inspire us, no matter what we’re going through.

Joyce Meyer has seen it all.  When she was younger her father fought in World War II.  While most children can’t wait for their parents to return home, Joyce wishes her father never came back.  When he returned, he began sexually abusing Joyce, an issue she’s been very open about.  Her honesty has helped others who have experienced similar obstacles.

Is Joyce Meyer Dead?
Is Joyce Meyer Dead?

In the image above, Meyer advises us to keep our eyes on the prize no matter where we are in our journeys.  So many of us give up when life gets difficult but that’s when we have to fight harder in order to accomplish our goals.  There’s nothing worst than the regret we’ll feel if we don’t try.

Joyce reminds us that God care about everything that involves us therefore we must remember to talk to him on a daily basis.  People who have regular conversations with God worry less because they know if they do their best, he’ll do the rest.

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