Is Empire Coming On Tomorrow?

Empire does not come on tomorrow, Wednesday, October 26, 2016.  The show returns on November 2, 2016.  Season 3’s fifth episode, “One Before Another” will air on November 2.  On November 9, 2016 the sixth episode of season 3 airs, “Chimes At Midnight.” The World Series needs its own channel if you ask us!

Empire‘s third season has been amazing.  Lucious Lyon is still up to no good.  He recently admitted to Jamal that he lied to ensure that Freda Gatz wouldn’t testify against him.  The music mogul has met his match at home.  Anika got him back by being serviced by a delivery man in his office!

Speaking of Anika, check out this adorable pic of Trai and Grace Byers:

Is Empire Coming On Tomorrow?
Is Empire Coming On Tomorrow?

“One Before Another” will feature Lucious and Andre preparing for Shine’s retaliation.  After Shine attacked Andre in Lucious’ office, the father and son beat him up.  They also forced him to sign over Nessa.  Shine’s temper is just as bad as Lucious’ therefore retaliation is inevitable.

The episode will also feature Jamal and Hakeem perform together.  Jamal is still attempting to overcome being shot by Freda Gatz and he thinks that collaborating with Hakeem will help.  Cookie recently convinced Kitty (Mariah Carey) to work with Jamal.  We hope he’s back to normal soon!

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