Is Bre-Z From Empire Gay?

Bre-Z, the actress who plays Freda Gatz on Empire is gay and proud.  The talented actress was seen on the show’s “What Remains Is Bestial” episode leading viewers to question her sexual preference.  In past interviews the 29-year-old has explained how happy she is to play a gay female since the character is not typically seen in today’s media.

We were happy to see the return of Freda Gatz but her and Jamal’s relationship has changed since the show’s second season.  Freda shot Jamal in season 2, episode 17, “Rise By Sin.” Jamal never blamed her for her actions because he knows she was trying to shoot his dad, Lucious Lyon.  Freda couldn’t control the anger that she felt after finding out that Lucious killed her father so she tried to kill him but Jamal stepped in front of the bullet.

Is Bre-Z From Empire Gay?
Is Bre-Z From Empire Gay?

In “What Remains Is Bestial” Jamal visits Freda in jail.  Freda approaches Jamal with her hands up leading him to have a flashback of the shooting incident.  Jamal looks very uncomfortable but Freda reminds him that she’s handcuffed so he calms himself down.

Freda asks him why he hasn’t released any new music and Jamal explains that he’s laying low.  Freda tries to motivate him to get back into the studio but Jamal has another panic attack and leaves.

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