Is Angelina Jolie Dead?

Status: Alive

The rumor that Angelina Jolie is dead is false.  The 41-year-old actress is alive and well.  There truly nothing like family.  Angelina’s brother, James Haven answered Jolie’s call for help while she’s going through her divorce from Brad Pitt.  Breaking up with a person you once loved can be very difficult but a public divorce is overwhelming.

Some people are ashamed to ask their loved ones for help while they’re experiencing difficult times but Angelina put her pride aside.  Haven is Jolie’s older brother and he’s currently 43-years-old.  He is also an actor, appearing in numerous minor roles in films that Angelina was featured in, including Hell’s Kitchen and Original Sin.

Is Angelina Jolie Dead?
Is Angelina Jolie Dead?

We adore James for being a great big brother but he’s living good in his sister’s $8.5 million house.  Jolie is currently renting the home which is located in Malibu, California.

Similar to other celebrity death hoax, the false story that claims Angelina passed away has been seen before.  The articles are simply re-shared via social media once a specific celebrity is trending.  The creators of the false reports fail to consider a person’s loved ones.  Could you imagine your grandmother reading a hoax regarding your death?

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