Friday, October 14, 2016

Egypt Criss Boyfriend, Pepa And Treach Daughter

In the first episode of Growing Up Hip Hop's second season, "Blinged Up, Throne Down" we see Egypt Criss, Sandra "Pepa" Denton's daughter, trying on prom dresses.  Egypt's father is Naughty by Nature's Treach.  At the store, Egypt receives a call from her boyfriend and her mother isn't happy.  Pepa does not like Egypt's boyfriend.

After showing her mother that Angela Simmons is engaged, Egypt answers the phone.  Her mother's facial expression changes immediately, disappointed that her daughter didn't ignore the call since they were shopping for dresses.  So who's this mystery guy.  Egypt posted the following pic via Instagram.  Could this be her boyfriend?

Egypt Criss Boyfriend, Pepa And Treach Daughter
Egypt Criss Boyfriend, Pepa And Treach Daughter

Criss explains that although her mom's not a fan of her boyfriend, they still love each other.  She says that they've been arguing lately because when he's around his friends he acts dumb and makes ignorant statements.  Pepa is irritated and tells Egypt to tell her boyfriend that she's trying on dresses.

Her boyfriend makes one of those ignorant comments right before Pepa takes the phone from her daughter.  The video below shows Egypt with her prom date.  He's actually playing football for Stanford according to his Instagram page.  We're hoping that he's her boyfriend!

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