Drake, Taylor Swift Tattoo

Tuesday, October 25, 2016
At Drake's 30th birthday party, Taylor Swift showed off a flash tattoo.  Scroll to the image below to check out her design.  Flash tattoos are temporary tats inspired by jewelry.  That wasn't the only thing people were talking about after the event.  According to partygoers, Drake and Taylor were seen flirting the entire night.

As you know, Drizzy and Rihanna recently broke up.  A few months prior, Taylor broke up with Calvin Harris.  This is where things get complicated.  There are so many connections that it's scary.  Hold your breathe!

Drake Taylor Swift Tattoo
Drake Taylor Swift Tattoo

Calvin Harris and Rihanna teamed up on the track, "This Is What You Came For."  Although they released the song while Calvin and Taylor were still together, an ex is an ex.  Anyone your ex collaborates with is an automatic enemy.

Taylor Swift is a Drake fan, as proven by her Apple treadmill commercial.  The commercial shows her delivering Drake's "Jumpman" verse and then falling off her treadmill.  

Taylor Swift Drake
Taylor Swift Drake

The Apple commercial reminds us of Kanye West's recent comments about Apple and Tidal.  The rapper explained that he wasn't included on Drake's album because of the war between the two streaming services.

Kanye recently announced his plans to team up with Drizzy for a joint album.  As you know, Kanye and Taylor aren't exactly BFFs.  Kim Kardashian West recently exposed Swift as a liar.

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