Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Donna From Black Ink Crew Chicago

Black Ink Crew Chicago's third episode of its second season, titled "99.999998%", featured Charmaine aka the Donna of Black Ink Crew Chicago.  Danielle has a birthday party on the episode but it ends up getting crashed by Ashley and her friends.  The ladies go after Charmaine but Charmaine isn't her problem, it's Don.

Similar to Charmaine, Donna had to prove herself.  She tries to show Ceaser how talented she is but trouble was always coming her way.  Charmaine's wit initially put her at odds with Ryan but things have changed.  Ryan now trusts her management skills, leading the shop's crew to think that the two are having sexual relations.

Donna From Black Ink Crew Chicago
Donna From Black Ink Crew Chicago

Ashley showed her true colors on the most recent episode of the series.  Ashley's fiancé is Don's cheating tail.  She is the mother of his adorable son, DJ.  There's nothing worst than taking your anger out on someone who doesn't deserve it and that's exactly what Ashley did on "99.999998%."

Ashley and Don's relationship is full of ups and downs, including Don sleeping with Charmaine.  Ashley has forgiven him but we don't think she's truly over it.  Donna's relationship was also a mess, with her fiancé incarcerated.  Check out the following video to see her fight with Sky: