Amber And Jim Marchese Marriage Boot Camp

Amber and Jim Marchese are going through intense drama on Marriage Boot Camp.  On the fourth episode of season 6, “Stranger Danger” Amber reveals that she cheated on Jim.  She didn’t cheat on him with another man, instead she cheated on him with a woman.  The couple got into a huge fight on the episode.

Jim gets upset at Amber because he thinks she’s drunk.  The couple’s were supposed to complete an exercise with a cardboard cutout that represented their ideal lover.  Each person was advised to pin cards to the cutout, listing the emotional attributes they desired.  Jim insulted Amber for failing to follow the instructions.

Amber And Jim Marchese Marriage Boot Camp
Amber And Jim Marchese Marriage Boot Camp

Dr. V called Jim out for talking down to Amber.  Judge Toler puts tape over Jim’s mouth and he gets upset.  The Marriage Boot Camp couple didn’t stop there.  Amber revealed that she cheated on Jim with a woman.  She couldn’t understand why Jim got upset about it.

Marriage Boot Camp can’t save this couple.  Jim doesn’t only get upset when the cameras are running.  On April 20, 2016, Jim was arrested for grabbing Amber by the throat.  The couple got into an argument before take-off, at LAX, and were kicked off the plane.  The Marcheses filed a lawsuit against Virgin Airlines for infliction of emotional distress and negligence.

Do you think the former Real Housewives of New Jersey star and her husband will win?

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