Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Who Plays Young Carol On Empire? Birgundi Baker

Actress, Birgundi Baker, plays young Carol on Empire season 3.  The show is set in New York City but it is filmed in Chicago.  Baker is originally from Raleigh, North Carolina but she lives in Chicago.  Similar to Taraji P. Henson, Baker attended Howard University and graduated in 2015.  When she was 9-years-old she became Kraft's Blue Box Kid.

Tasha Smith plays present day Carol Hardaway, Cookie Lyon's sister.  On Empire's second season Carol has a date with Lucious' brother, Tariq.  Cookie knows there's trouble so she intervenes before her sister can tell the Philadelphia cop too much.  Cookie warns Tariq not to cross her family but we all know that Leah Walker's sons don't listen.

Who Plays Young Carol On Empire? Birgundi Baker
Who Plays Young Carol On Empire? Birgundi Baker

Cookie even informs Tariq the Freak that her sister has herpes.  Carol gets upset and ends up crashing the ASAs.  She is drunk at the event and Freda overhears her discussing Lucious killing her father, Frank Gathers.  Freda tries to shoot Lucious, but she shoots Jamal instead.  Birgundi will show us Carol's teenage years, revealing the trials and tribulations that led her to drugs.

Cookie won't be the only Cookie featured on Empire this season.  At Howard University, Baker played a character named Cookie in the play Hurt Village directed by Eric Ruffin.  Her hard work is paying off and her appearance on the series will definitely lead to additional roles!

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