Who Plays Young Candace On Empire? Lawnyae Marie

Tuesday, September 20, 2016
Lawnyae Marie is the actress who plays young Candace on Empire.  As you know, Vivica A. Fox plays present day Candace on the Fox hip-hop drama series.  Similar to Ajiona Alexus, the actress who plays young Cookie, Lawnyae started her career as an actress at a very young age.  She began studying theatre when she was only 6-years-old.

On the series, Candace is the oldest sister of Cookie and Carol.  While Cookie and Carol get along great, Candace is constantly arguing with her sisters.  On the "My Bad Parts" episode of the series, Cookie gets a surprise visit from Candace who informs her that their sister, Carol, is missing.  We find out that Carol is a recovering drug addict and the two ladies have to go to Philadelphia to save her.

Who Plays Young Candace On Empire? Lawnyae Marie
Who Plays Young Candace On Empire? Lawnyae Marie

Marie's training is impressive.  She graduated from Pace University's Drama Program proving that preparation is the key to success.  Prior to Pace, she attended Carnegie Mellon's Pre-College Drama Program, Pittsburgh Music Theatre and Pittsburgh's School for Creative Arts (CAPA).  It's great seeing an actor's rise to fame.  Lawnyae recently posted a screenshot of her IMDb page which was created a few days ago.

Lawnyae won first place in the August Wilson Monologue contest, earning her the opportunity to be trained by Denzel Washington and Viola Davis.  She is chasing the sky and with these credentials the sky is the limit.  We can't wait to see her career take off after her appearance on the series!

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