Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Who Plays Drop On Empire? Eric Lane

Eric Lane is the actor who plays Drop on Empire season 3.  Similar to Ta'Rhonda Jones, who plays Porsha on the series, Eric if from Chicago.  The show is set in New York City yet it is filmed in Chicago.  You probably recognize him from numerous films, including Barbershop, Ransum Games and Subtle Seduction.

In 2001 he appeared on the Soul Food television series as Darnell.  It doesn't stop there! He's been acting for nearly two decades and hopefully his appearance on Empire will take his career to the next level.  The first two seasons of the series broke historical records and the third will most likely do the same.

Who Plays Drop On Empire? Eric Lane
Who Plays Drop On Empire? Eric Lane

The actor takes full advantage of local roles which is very smart of him.  In 2005 he appeared in "Trapped in the Closet" by Chicago singer, R. Kelly.  Lane played Twan in the short movie.  In 2013 he appeared on an episode of the television series Chicago Fire.

The actor's lengthy resume reminds us of Taraji P. Henson's speech at the Golden Globes.  The actress won an award for Empire and when the teleprompter told her to  wrap up her speech she clapped back, "I waited 20 years for this.  You're gonna wait." Hard work and patience are the keys to success! 

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