Monday, September 12, 2016

Tami Roman Music Video

On Basketball Wives LA season 5 episode 9, Tami Roman reminds her daughter, Jazz Anderson, that she was once an aspiring artist.  While attending Howard University she joined the girl group "Reality." The videos below show that the group had some serious talent.  It's easy to only consider the comical side of Tami's personality, but this woman is truly talented!

Roman's mother had her when she was only 15-years-old.  Life for children with young parents can be very difficult.  How can a child raise a child? Tami and her mother made it work.  They turned life's lemons into lemonades and were best friends.

Check out the following video of Tami performing with her former group, "Reality":

Roman's father left her and her mother by the time she got to high school.  As a result, Tami and her mother were homeless, forced to sleep on the streets.  Now do you see why she isn't bothered by Jackie Christie's nonsense? She has been through major obstacles so Jackie's dress not fitting simply isn't worth her time.

Tami Roman Music Video
Tami Roman Music Video

Tami and her mother lived in her mother's car until Tami went to Howard University.  She may have become a basketball wife later in her life, but before that she paid her dues.  In 2013, Tami's mother sadly passed away.  Roman continues to work hard, making her mother prouder every day.

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