Peter Love And Hip Hop, Dumps Amina Buddafly, Back With Tara Wallace

Ask Kissy reports that Love and Hip Hop star, Peter Gunz dumped Amina Buddafly and is back with Tara Wallace.  Last season we found out that he got both women pregnant at the same time.  Now, he can’t decide which one he wants to be with.  Peter promised Amina that he would change but that clearly hasn’t happened.

According to VH1 Peter’s children aren’t bothered by his messy situation.  Back in February he posted the following video which shows his daughter and son playing.  Amina is his daughter, Cori’s mother.  Kaz is his son with Tara.

A video posted by Pedro Pistolas (@petergunz174) on Feb 19, 2016 at 10:41pm PST

The sad part about the entire situation is that the former rapper has no shame.  He was recently spotted dancing with Wallace:

Peter Gunz Tara Wallace
Peter Gunz Tara Wallace
Amina responded to a fan’s comment on Instagram explaining that she decided to leave so that Peter and Tara could be a couple.  We’re not sure what either woman sees in Peter.  He is a cheater and a liar yet they both were willing to give him another chance.
Peter Love And Hip Hop Amina Buddafly Tara Wallace
Peter Love And Hip Hop Amina Buddafly Tara Wallace

There are plenty other fish in the sea and both ladies are gorgeous.  The show’s seventh season will premiere in a few months.  Hopefully Amina and Tara will have new men by then!

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