Miss Mulatto, Real Name, Age, Net Worth, Mom

Saturday, September 03, 2016
Real Name
Alyssa Michelle Stephens

Birth Date
December 22, 1998 (age 17)

Years Active
2008 - present

Net Worth


Hip Hop

So So Def Recordings

If you watched episode 7 of The Rap Game's second season, you saw Miss Mulatto, the winner of the show's first season.  Billboard reports that the Atlanta emcee recently released her new track, "No More Talking."  Many people have strong feelings about her name.  "Mulatto" is a term which was formerly used to refer to people who have one black parent and one white parent.

Alyssa chose her stage name because her mother is white and her father is black.  It's a very dated term that comes from a time when racism was the norm.  Because it is associated with such a horrible era, it is typically not acceptable.  The following video shows her mother and father:

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According to The Boom Box she can no longer go to the mall or the movies without being noticed.  She explains that it has taken a while for her to adapt to her new fame yet she definitely appreciates the support.

Miss Mulatto Real Name Age Net Worth Mom
Miss Mulatto Real Name Age Net Worth Mom

We're sure that the rapper can't wait to see which one of The Rap Game's season 2 contestants will win the competition and join her on So So Def Recordings.  Check out the following video which features her explaining her name: