Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Lil Wayne Victory Over Birdman

Hip Hop Early reports Lil Wayne's $51 million lawsuit against Birdman could be decided based on what Birdman did with $70 million that he was given by Universal.  The $70 million was an advance of the $100 million Birdman received for Cash Money and Young Money.  Birdman argues that he spent the money on marketing, royalties and business expenses.

According to Rap Up a judge has ordered Birdman, whose real name is Bryan Williams, to share all his financial documentation with Wayne (Dwayne Michael Carter Jr).  This is typically a something a cash king like "Baby" wouldn't want to do.  The documents could reveal any loopholes he has used to secure more of his finances.

Lil Wayne Victory Over Birdman
Lil Wayne Victory Over Birdman

In 2014 the IRS slapped Birdman with a tax lien.  Then, in 2015 he was hit with another tax lien for failing to pay nearly $2 million in back taxes.  No matter how much you're worth, bad financial decisions can lead you to the poor house.  If Baby has been mishandling Cash Money's finances, Tunechi could be forced to shut down Young Money.

50 Cent is a rapper who made horrible financial decisions that eventually led to bankruptcy.  As a result, the members of G-Unit will not be able to enjoy the financial freedom that seemed promised.  Hopefully Baby will fix this situation fast!

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