Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Lauryn McClain Empire

Empire makes us lose our minds.  Last week we were mistaking Xzibit for Busta Rhymes and this week we were convinced that Lauryn McClain made an appearance on the series.  That's not Lauryn McClain, that's her sister, Sierra.  The beautiful sisters look exactly alike.  You most likely remember them from their comedy drama, Daddy's Little Girls.

Lauryn was born on January 9, 1997 and is currently 19-years-old.  Her big sister, Sierra, was born on March 16, 1994 and is 22.  Their sister, China Anne, was born on August 25, 1998 and is 18.  Similar to the Smollett family, the McClains are full of talent.  We would love to see Sierra's sisters join her on the show!

Lauryn McClain Empire
Lauryn McClain Empire

The talented ladies reminds us of an amazing group that recently appeared on the series: DMK.  After winning Fox's Next Empire Artist competition, the trio appeared on the "Rise by Sin" episode of the series.  There's something special about three beautiful divas showing the world their talent.  From TLC to Destiny's Child we fully understand why Lee Daniels decided to launch his upcoming series, Star

Speaking of talented trios, we hope to see more tracks from Ménage a Trois despite Laura leaving Hakeem at the altar.  Hakeem should have stuck to the original name: Rainbow Sensation!

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