Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Kid Cudi Lupe Fiasco Twitter Beef

XXL reports that Kid Cudi called out Drake and Kanye West for not writing their own rhymes today, via Twitter.  Although Cudi didn't mention Lupe Fiasco's name, Lupe decided to send some subliminal messages Chudder's way.  In a tweet that is now deleted, Lupe advised his fans not to let lames become their roles models.

At first, we didn't believe that Lupe was targeting Cudi, but then we remembered about their past beef.  As soon as Cudi started trending on Twitter, Lupe responded with his "general" advice to his fans.  The two rappers had a heated battle over Twitter, last year.  The rapper's beef started in January 2015 after they disagreed on comments Kendrick Lamar made about the Michael Brown case.

Kid Cudi Lupe Fiasco Twitter Beef
Kid Cudi Lupe Fiasco Twitter Beef

Kendrick explained that we don't have respect for ourselves therefore how can we expect to be respected by others.  Cudi, whose real name is Scott Mescudi, called Kendrick out for his comments, reminding him that he is not God's gift to the black community.  Lupe responded by telling Cudi to shut up and the beef has been on since then.

According to Genius Cudi has had an on-and-off relationship wit Kanye West over the years and we don't think he'll take Cudi's tweets seriously.  As for Drake, the last rapper that called him out for not writing his rhymes was Meek Mill and he took the insult very personal.  Don't be surprised if you hear Drizzy send some bars Cudi's way.

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