Jason Biggs Ex Girlfriend Heather

Scroll down for a picture of Jason Biggs with his ex-girlfriend, Heather!

People reports that Jason Biggs and his wife, Jenny Mollen are huge fans of The Bachelor.  Biggs is best known for his role as Jim Levenstein in American Pie.  The 1999 movie was about four guys trying to get laid.  Jason was only 21-years-old when he appeared in the first film of the series.  The 38-year-old has come a very long way since then and recently appeared in the comedy film Amateur Night.

According to Us Weekly Jason and his wife recently shared their opinion on JoJo Fletcher’s decision to choose Jordan Rodgers as her new lover.  Mollen called Jordan fame hungry and Jason also shared his harsh opinions on JoJo’s decision.  The couple has all the answers when it comes to love.  Their comments made us to do some digging into their past relationships, leading to the image below:

Jason Biggs Ex Girlfriend Heather
Jason Biggs Ex Girlfriend Heather

We’ve heard about Jason’s past relationships with Tara Reid and Lindsay Zir but we don’t know much about this Heather girl who he was seen with in 2006.  Him and Heather didn’t work out and fate ultimately led him to Mollen.  Seeing them together makes it obvious that they were made for each other.  We’re not sure how they don’t see the same beautiful connection between JoJo and Jordan as their connection is just as beautiful.

The video below shows the couple playing “The Newlywed Game” at Us Weekly’s New York City headquarters.  The actor imagines how his wife would fare on The Bachelor:

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