Is Rita Marley Dead?

Friday, September 23, 2016
Rita Marley is not dead.  The singer, and widow of Bob Marley was admitted to a hospital in Miami, FL after suffering a stroke.  She was in South Florida for an event yet she was unable to attend due to her condition.  The Cuban-Jamaican singer is currently 70-years-old.  She has suffered a stroke before but her family member say that this one is the most serious.

Rita was born on July 25, 1946 in Santiago de Cuba, Cuba.  Her and Bob got married in 1966 and had 13 children together.  Reggae fans certainly remember her from her former group, the Soulletes aka the I Threes.  The group was active from 1974-1981.  The group was originally formed to support Bob Marley and the Wailers after the original Wailers decided to leave the band.

Is Rita Marley Dead?
Is Rita Marley Dead?

We are praying for Rita.  The last time we heard "Marley" and "Miami" it was in 1981.  Bob passed away in Miami, Florida when he was only 36-years-old.  He died due to a dangerous cancer called malignant melanoma.  In 1977, his doctor identified the cancer on his toe and advised the singer to have the toe amputated.  

He originally scheduled an appointment with his doctor after suffering a foot injury from playing soccer.  The injury kept getting worse and his doctor informed him of his condition.  Marley was a Rastafarian who believed that amputation was a sin so he opted not to have the toe amputated.

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