Friday, September 30, 2016

Is Bob Newhart Dead?

Status: Alive

Parade reports that comedian, Bob Newhart, celebrated his 87th birthday on September 5, 2016.  There was recently a false article written that claimed Newhart was dead.  The hilarious actor is not dead, he's alive.  It's hard to believe that he has over 50 years of experience.  There's nothing better than mastering your craft!

According to TV Guide, in 2015 the actor returned as Professor Proton on The Big Bang Theory.  Proton was Sheldon's hero on the series and he visits him in a dream.  He offers Sheldon some great advice that helps him make a difficult decision.  The December 17, 2015 episode marked the fourth time Newhart appeared on the series.

Is Bob Newhart Dead?
Is Bob Newhart Dead?

Bob Newhart was born on September 5, 1929 and is currently 87-years-old.  The actor grew up in Oak Park, Illinois, a village adjacent to the West Side of Chicago.  He attended St. Ignatius College Prep high school before being accepted to Loyola University of Chicago.  In 1952, the comedian graduated from Loyola with a business management degree.

Newhart was drafted into the Army after college.  He served during the Korean War and was discharged in 1954.  In 1958, he became a copywriter for an independent film producer in Chicago.  Bob and a co-worker would entertain each other with hilarious phone calls about random incidents.  They would record the conversations and send them to radio stations, leading to his first recording contract.

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