Hit The Floor, Jude And Zero

If this is the end, we’ll never forget Jude and Zero!

Hidden Remote reports that fans of Hit The Floor don’t know if the show will return for a fourth season.  The creator of the series, James LaRosa, cautioned viewers not to consider the show’s “Til Death Do Us Part” special as a finale.  Despite LaRosa’s advice, the special felt like the final episode we’ll ever see of the series.

Of course every scene that featured Jude and Zero was amazing.  Broadway World explains that the one-hour finale special took dramatic and unexpected turns.  All our favorite moments featured #Zude, including their passionate kiss! We loved how Jude’s hands were in Zero’s hair.

Hit the Floor Jude and Zero
Hit the Floor Jude and Zero
I loved the fact that Zero was under the impression that Jude shot Jelena.  They have unconditional love for each other.  Zero had no problems lying for him.  The couple got their house and decided where they would put the baby room.
Hit the Floor Jude and Zero
Hit the Floor Jude and Zero
Our favorite quote of the episode was actually tweeted by the show’s creator, James LaRosa: “With all the jockeying to rule this town, in the end, you and Jude wound up King and King of L.A.”
As mentioned above LaRosa has made it clear that he’s more than willing to continue writing the show.  It’s all on VH1! Even if the show doesn’t return for a fourth season, #Zude deserves a spinoff. 

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