Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Brandi Boyd And Beyonce

In Love and Hip Hop Hollywood season 3 episode 6, "I Want It All" Brandi Boyd refers to Beyoncé as her ace boon coon aka her best friend.  It all went down during an argument between Brandi and Masika Kalysha, Fetty Wap's baby mother.  Masika and Max Lux Boyd are having a studio session when Brandi shows up.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry Brandi is still trying to regain Max's trust after using the money that he gave her for their son to open a clothing store, Jhalae.  She thinks that showing Max how much money she has earned will make him respect her again.  When Brandi arrives at the studio she's surprised and upset to find her husband working on a track with Masika.

Brandi Boyd And Beyonce
Brandi Boyd And Beyonce

Brandi demands an explanation and calls Masika out for trying to sleep with her husband's best friend.  Masika explains that Max's friend was actually trying to sleep with her.  The two continue to exchange words and then Brandi mentions Beyoncé.  We think she was trying to compare the singer's song, "Sorry" to the situation, Masika is essentially "Becky with the good hair."

Masika argues that Queen Bey isn't Brandi's girl and Boyd claps back, explaining that the singer is her "ace boon coon."  Masika apologizes for being confused and failing to get in Formation.  For the record, we're almost 100% sure that Brandi has never met Beyoncé but we love it!