Sunday, September 04, 2016

50 Cent Cyborg Costume

TMZ explains that Curtis James Jackson III aka 50 Cent threw his son a birthday party and dressed up as Cyborg! Him and his baby mama, Daphne Joy, had a party to celebrate their son, Sire Jackson's 4th birthday.  We're usually very hard on 50 Cent so it's great to see spending time with his little ones.

The rapper went all out, dressing up as DC Comics superhero, Cyborg.  Comic Book reports that the Teen Titan-themed celebration took place at L.A. River Studios.  The images below show the rapper, his son and his baby mama who dressed up as Starfire.  Sire's grandmother dressed up as Robin and his aunt dressed up as Raven.

50 Cent Cyborg Costume
50 Cent Cyborg Costume

On the Power television series the rapper plays Kanan, a drug dealer willing to do anything to get revenge on James "Ghost" St. Patrick.  During the show's second season Kanan actually kills his own son, Shawn.  This season, Kanan has continued to make heartless decisions.  The show's "Trust Me" episode showed Kanan almost murder Ghost's son, Tariq.  Luckily, Tariq reveals how much he hates his father, leading Kanan to change his mind.

50 Cent is much different from the character he plays on the show.  In the past, we've heard stories about him neglecting his children, even skipping his son's graduation.  The images of him dressed in a costume for his son's birthday party prove that he's a good father who understands how important it is to spend time with his kids.

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