Sunday, August 28, 2016

What Does "The Top" Mean On Instagram?

BuzzFeed reports that father's don't Instagram like everyone else.  With more and more parents using social media these days it's important to understand the language being used.  A simple phrase like "the top" can be misunderstood.  The phrase refers to a sexual act, head to be specific.  A friend of mine, who is a father, recently misunderstood the statement nearly leading to social media disaster.

According to Social Media Today the photo-sharing app is not as innovative as it once was.  I never thought Instagram was innovative, instead it was just one of the most popular apps on the planet so I began using it.  Now that the app has added features similar to Snapchat many people have criticized the company.

What Does "The Top" Mean On Instagram?
What Does "The Top" Mean On Instagram?

Business Insider reports that Facebook's Messenger app is the most popular app of 2016.  Snapchat comes in second place followed by Facebook and then Instagram.  The fourth most popular app of 2016 is the popular game Color Switch, one of the most addictive games on the planet! So in the top most popular apps of 2016, three of them are owned by Facebook.

The sixth most popular app of 2016 is Pandora followed by YouTube and then Netflix.  Another Facebook owned app made the number 12 spot on the list: WhatsApp.  Is Facebook becoming too powerful? The company is currently worth over $300 billion!

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