Saturday, August 13, 2016

What Does Michael Phelps Listen To Before Race?

According to The New York Times Michael Fred Phelps II listens to Eminem, Young Jeezy and Eric Church before he races.  If the Olympic swimmer is listening to Eminem to get focused then "Lose Yourself" is definitely on his playlist.  The song was featured on the 2002 soundtrack for the movie 8 Mile which features the Detroit rapper.

Another Eminem track that could have motivated the #PhelpsFace is "Not Afraid." The 2010 track was the lead single for his Recovery album.  The Guardian explains that the Maryland native's music is a part of his pre-race ritual.  When "The Baltimore Bullet" turns on Eric Church he's most likely jamming out to "Drink In My Hand."

What Does Michael Phelps Listen To Before Race?
What Does Michael Phelps Listen To Before Race?

Similar to Eminem and Eric Church, rapper Young Jeezy offers numerous songs to pick from.  The rapper's 2005 mixtape, Trap or Die, features the song "Get Ya Mind Right" and the track that motivated the name for the entire mixtape: "Trap or Die." Both songs could certainly be used for the swimmer to get into his zone.

Young Jeezy teamed up with Akon for the song, "Soul Survivor" which is yet another track the swimmer is most likely listening to before competing.  Finally, the Atlanta rapper's song, "Lose My Mind" has everything Phelps needs to get him fired up to set more records!

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