Wendy Williams Divorce, Husband And Manager Kevin Hunter

Media personality Wendy Joan Williams Hunter has had a very difficult year.  First, the comments she made about Jesse Williams were blown out of proportion and then her hairstylist, Antwon Jackson passed away.  Love B. Scott reports that show execs are demanding for her manager to be fired from the show.  There's one major issue: Her manager is her husband, Kevin Hunter.

According to Electronic Urban Report Wendy doesn't have a problem with her husband being axed because they are experiencing marital problems.  It looks like the couple will soon be divorced.  Who knows whether to mix family and business! While some recommend it, others say that it's the worst mistake a couple can make.

Wendy Williams Divorce Kevin Hunter
Wendy Williams Divorce Kevin Hunter

Rumors suggest that her husband has control issues.  The situation reminds us of another couple that mixes family and business: Jay-Z and Beyonce.  Jay-Z was accused of having control issues, leading Beyonce to fire her father, who was once her manager.  Since then, the couple has been living happily ever after.

Another couple that have mixed family and business is Tamar Braxton and Vincent Herbert.  When Tamar was fired from The Real some say that he knew that she would be fired yet he chose not to inform her.  We would love to hear from you!  Do you think mixing family and business is a good idea?