Trina Braxton Mugshot

Friday, August 26, 2016
Bossip reports that Tamar Braxton manages to piss Toni off in the "Spilling The Tea" episode of Braxton Family Values.  The sisters have a slumber party at Toni's house and Tamar decides to leave after Toni has had enough of her attitude.  We love Tamar for speaking her mind and we're not sure why Toni overreacted.

According to Hello Beautiful the entire family gangs up on Tamar once again.  While the main argument was between Toni and Tamar the episode left many viewers asking about Trina Braxton's DUI arrest.  Here's her mugshot:

Trina Braxton Mugshot
Trina Braxton Mugshot

Those who have been watching the show most likely remember Trina explaining that the incident marked the first time she was ever arrested.  As you can see in the image above, they took her wig off for the mugshot.  While a DUI is serious it was great to se the sisters laugh about the situation.

The sisters are so much better together than they are apart.  Toni knows how Tamar can get and shouldn't let her attitude bother her.  Life is too short for grudges, especially petty ones.  Tamar enjoys being the center of attention and her attitude is what we adore about her.  Without her personality, I wouldn't watch the show.  We can't wait for next season!

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