Monday, August 29, 2016

Teyana Taylor Snapchat Name

People reports that Teyana Taylor's career is about to take on a life of its own.  After Kanye West delivered an unforgettable speech about himself he introduced his new video and the Internet has been trying to recover since.  Kanye has always been a fan of a nice butt and Taylor may have the nicest one of them all.

Kanye's "Touch The Sky" video featured actress Tracee Ellis Ross.  While there's no denying her glutes we've never seen them the way we saw Teyana's backside in the "Fade" video.  She's in a position to show off her talent with MTV Music Video Award's global reach.  Make sure you're following all of her social media accounts.  Teyana Taylor's Snapchat name is Teman_Shaylor:

Teyana Taylor Snapchat Name
Teyana Taylor Snapchat Name

She actually shares her Snapchat account with her husband, NBA player Iman Shumpert who also appears in the video.  According to Vanity Fair the music video is a recreation of a scene from the 1983 romantic drama film Flashdance.  The couple is currently engaged and they're loving life.  Iman recently won his first NBA Championship with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Similar to just about everyone else on the planet, Iman claims that him and Teyana inspired the creation of characters on Empire.  He explains that Hakeem Lyon's high-top is just like his and Tiana Brown's style and look was stolen from Taylor.  Hopefully they won't sue Fox!

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