Monday, August 22, 2016

Omari Hardwick's Wife, Jennifer Pfautch

ABC News reports that over 2 million fans watched the season two finale of Power.  Most of those fans can't get enough of James "Ghost" St. Patrick.  Similar to Empire's Lucious Lyon, he's everyone's favorite former drug dealer who continues to get away with murder.  According to Yahoo Jamie is trying to do right but his past life just won't take "no" for an answer.

Whether he's killing kingpins like Vladimir or attempting to outsmart Milan, Ghost always seems to have everything figured out.  One thing Mr. St. Patrick can't seem to figure out is the ladies.  In one of the show's most recent episodes he was forced to break Angela's heart as he continues to disagree with his baby mama, Tasha.  James is played by actor Omari Hardwick who doesn't have the same problems with his wife, Jennifer Pfautch.

Omari Hardwick's Wife, Jennifer Pfautch
Omari Hardwick's Wife, Jennifer Pfautch

Back in 2014, the actor clapped back at fans who insulted his beautiful wife.  Many of the messages people wrote about her involved her race which is just sad.  We're glad that Hardwick didn't pull a Ghost and murder the ignorant Internet trolls.

The couple got married back in 2012 and similar to Ghost he has done everything possible to keep his personal life private.  Last year, the couple welcomed their second child yet Omari didn't even share the news with fans because of what his family experienced in 2014.  

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