Monifah Baby Daddy

Wednesday, August 17, 2016
Wetpaint reports that Keke Wyatt recently explained that R&B Divas Atlanta was cancelled because she quit.  It there's one person we miss from the show it's Monifa Carter aka Monifah.  Don't judge us for still listening to her 1998 hit song, "Touch It." Some tracks are timeless, and that's one of them!

Another classic we can't get enough of is "I Still Love You" which was produced by Heavy D.  According to The Source a beautiful mural was recently created in Mount Vernon, New York to celebrate Heavy D and the Boyz.  Monifah is best known for her work with Heavy D but there's another important man in her life that many people don't know about:

Monifah Baby Daddy
Monifah Baby Daddy

The father of her child aka Monifah's baby daddy is the handsome gentleman above, Nelson.  If you watched her on R&B Divas Atlanta then you know that she's currently in a same-gender relationship.  Prior to that she had a relationship with Nelson and they had a daughter, Akemi, in 1993.

In a recent Facebook message, Monifah salutes Nelson for being a great father.  We love seeing co-parents put their children first.  It's so selfish for a person to make their child's life more difficult by refusing to be a good co-parent.  Akemi has been able to live a positive life thanks to her caring parents and their willingness to work together.

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