Joc From Love And Hip Hop: 10 Facts You Need To Know

Hip Hop Wired explains that rapper, Yung Joc got a perm for a movie role.  That didn't keep people from roasting him on social media.  Similar to Lucious Lyon, Joc got that slick back perm.  According to Inquisitr the rapper posted a video on Instagram, alongside Stevie J, explaining his new hairstyle.

The rapper is on his way back up! It just takes one big hit.  Here are 20 facts you need to know about the rapper:

  1. When he was young he wanted to become a lawyer
  2. He started creating music when he was six-years-old
  3. In high school he had three jobs: He worked at a deli, a car wash and the zoo
  4. He eventually dropped out of high school and never returned
  5. His father owned a hair-care products company
  6. He has eight kids by four different baby mamas
  7. His father wrote a jingle for Revlon
  8. In 2009 he sued Bad Boy due to unpaid royalties but since then, him and Diddy have settled their differences
  9. His mother was a fan of the show Dallas and started calling him Joc because of the show's character JR "Jock" Ewing
  10. In 2011 his recording studio was robbed and the criminals took $70,000 worth of equipment

Joc From Love and Hip Hop
Joc From Love and Hip Hop

Thanks for some great Friday laughs Joc!