Jhene Aiko Baby Father

Thursday, August 25, 2016
Hip Hop Early reports that Empire season 3 guest star, Kid Cudi, is good friends with Jhene Aiko's soon-to-be ex-husband, Dot Da Genius.  When Aiko and Dot got married Cudi warned her not to hurt him.  It looks like she chose not to listen to that advice and is now dating rapper, Big Sean.  Hopefully Dot will get over it.

The image below shows Jhene Aiko's baby father, O'Ryan.  The former couple have a daughter together, Namiko Love.  That daughter will most likely be the reason that Big Sean never marries the singer.  Who can forget the rapper's song "MILF" featuring Nicki Minaj and Juicy J.

Jhene Aiko Baby Father
Jhene Aiko Baby Father

In the song the rapper is having a conversation with an imaginary stepchild: "You the only reason me and your mama ain't together." In Jay-Z's words: "It's only entertainment." While we agree, a line must be drawn somewhere and we must draw that line when discussing innocent children.  We're surprised that the singer is even in a relationship with a person who would deliver such heartless lyrics.

According to International Business Times Ariana Grande is dating Mac Miller to get back at Big Sean.  We hope that's not the only reason she's dating Miller.  If she needs an additional reason to be happy she's done with Big Sean simply listen to his song "MILF."

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