Gigi Gorgeous Snapchat Name

TMZ reports that transgender model Giselle Loren “Gigi Gorgeous” Lazzarato was detained at the Dubai International Airport because of her gender status.  The model is Kylie Jenner’s best friend and became famous for sharing documenting her transition via social media.  In Dubai there is a law against “indecent acts” which punishes men who imitate women.

According to Just Jared the YouTube star was detained by immigration.  Although she was born a man, she has completed her transition and updated her passport which refers to the 24-year-old as a female.  Make sure you’re following her social media accounts for updates like the Instagram post at the bottom of this article.  We’re sure she’ll deliver another update via Snapchat.  Gigi Gorgeous’ Snapchat name is GigiGorgeous:

Gigi Gorgeous Snapchat Name
Gigi Gorgeous Snapchat Name

In the post below the model explains that she was detained for more than 5 hours.  She doesn’t understand how a country could deny a person entry because of their gender identity.  You shouldn’t judge nor label a person simply because they are not like you.

We all have a different story and experience different obstacles throughout our lives.  Do not criticize what you fail to understand.  You won’t understand a person’s path unless you’ve walked their journey.

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