Sunday, August 28, 2016

Did Blac Chyna Have Her Baby?

People explains that Angela Renée White aka Blac Chyna recently provided her fans with a pregnancy weight update.  The former King of Diamonds stripper used Snapchat to inform the public that she went from 135 to 183 to 176.2 lbs.  The average healthy woman gains about 30 pounds when they're pregnant.

Blac Chyna's due date is November 8, 2016:

According to E! News Rob Kardashian explained to his mother that he is experiencing difficulties in his relationship with Blac Chyna because his family has not fully accepted her.  We think that Rob is being a bit impatient considering the circumstances.  We're definitely not surprised considering the fact that he didn't waste much time tattooing Angela's name on his neck.

Did Blac Chyna Have Her Baby?
Did Blac Chyna Have Her Baby?

We're predicting that Blac Chyna's baby daddy, Tyga, will ask Kylie Jenner to marry him soon.  Rumors recently suggested that the rapper was engaged to the model but they were not true.  The Kardashian-Jenner bunch is her to stay and things remain complicated.  No matter how you feel about their decisions, they're one of the most entertaining families on the planet.

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