Creflo Dollar Arrested? Endorses Donald Trump

He was not arrested but many people believe that he should be locked up and thrown in prison after his latest decision.  Centric reports that Creflo Augustus Dollar, Jr. says that Donald John Trump has been touched by the hand of God.  The pastor claims that God told him to endorse the Republican nominee for president of the United States.

Cookie’s sister aka Vivica Fox, recently explained why she does not support Trump despite being a contestant on his show, The Apprentice.  Just when you thought that Trump was done he makes a power move that may earn him a substantial percentage of the black vote.  In an interview with All Hip Hop Chicago lyricist, Sir the Baptist discusses multiple preachers that have been caught in questionable acts, including Creflo Dollar.

Creflo Dollar Arrested? Endorses Donald Trump
Creflo Dollar Arrested? Endorses Donald Trump

Mixing religion and politics typically leads to conflict.  First there’s Trump’s views on Muslims and then there’s all the contradicting theories which would lead to confusion if we continue to mix the two.  For instance, marriage is a covenant yet Donald has been through two divorces.

I wonder what God told Creflo about Donald’s divorces and his lying tendencies.  He’s constantly exaggerating about his businesses along with his views on world events.  Why do companies like Speedo treat liars like Ryan Lochte worse than the world treats Donald Trump?

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