Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Chris From Love And Hip Hop Song

Scroll to the bottom of this post to hear Chris' diss track about Mimi!

Wetpaint reports that Chris Gould and Ariane Davis had a heated battle at the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta reunion.  It was all over Mimi Faust.  While Stevie J and Nikko disrespected her, the LGBT community adores her.  We saw exactly why Faust was attracted to Chris: She's unstable, just like Stevie J!

According to VH1 during the second part of the reunion we found out that Gould released a diss track about her and Mimi's relationship.  The song is titled "Blindsided" and she uses her stage name, Christian on her SoundCloud page.  As Ariane explains, Christian went too far by releasing the song.

Chris From Love And Hip Hop Song
Chris From Love And Hip Hop Song

He wasn't built for a reality show and she blames Mimi for exposing that to the world.  Christian is a bit too serious and real for Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.  One issue that she's dealing with is being unable to afford gender transition surgery.  When her and Ariane start arguing, Christian explains her financial situation.  He eventually tells Mimi how much he loves her in one of the saddest moments of the reunion.

Ariane is too protective of Mimi at times.  I understand that she doesn't want to see her friend get hurt but she needs to mind her own business.  Ariane tries to protect her friend and the entire LGBT community yet neither requested her assistance.

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