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Vibe reports that Belcalis "Cardi B" Almanzar recently teamed up with rapper, Cashflow Harlem to create "Want My Love Back." The video features Cashflow building a relationship with another beautiful woman and then cheating on her with the Love and Hip Hop star.  Cardi catches him in the act and runs up on him to let the rapper know that she's not the one.

According to All Hip Hop the two rappers are currently on their "Underestimated Tour."  You know that she's keeping everyone entertained via social media.  

Make sure that you're following all her accounts: Cardi B's Snapchat name is itkarled:

Cardi B Snapchat Name 2016


She grew up in Washington Heights, Manhattan and eventually moved to the Bronx.  After high school she attended the Borough of Manhattan Community College.  While she attended school she worked at the Amish Market.  After a few semesters at the community college she decided to drop out.  

She quit her job at the grocery stores and decided to become a stripped at New York Dolls.  Her celebrity began thanks to Love and Hip Hop.  Her fans love her authenticity and her social media following continues to increase.


She was born on October 11, 1992 and is currently 23-years-old.  Her birthday makes her a Libra.  Libra's her typically calm and fair.  They hate being alone and are driven to accomplish their goals.


Her parents were both born in the Caribbean.  Her father is Dominican and her mother is from Trinidad.  They decided to move to New York when she was young.  Her mother worked as a cashier and her father is a cab driver.  Her parents split when she was young.


At the Love and Hip Hop Reunion the rapper called out Peter Gunz.  In the process she made the most unforgettable facial expression we've ever seen:

Cardi B Meme
Cardi B Meme

We love you girl!