Sunday, August 28, 2016

Brandi Maxiell From Basketball Wives LA

TV Guide reports that episode 8 of Basketball Wives LA's fifth season featured Angel Brinks hosting an anniversary party for her clothing line.  If you watched season 4 of the series then you remember Sundy Carter, Larry Hughes' ex-girlfriend.  She returned on the show's last episode.  The season 4 finale featured a major cat fight between Sundy and Brandi Maxiell.

Sundy spread rumors about Brandi's marriage, revealing that her husband, Jason Maxiell cheated on her.  Episode 7 of season 5 featured Brandi and Jason on a double date with Doug and Jackie Christie.  Brandi has been experiencing difficulties forgiving Jason for his past mistakes.  Her and Jackie develop a bond because Jackie provides the couple with some excellent advice.

Brandi Maxiell From Basketball Wives LA
Brandi Maxiell From Basketball Wives LA

Seeing Sundy return was horrible.  Along with spreading rumors about Maxiell's marriage, Sundy also made negative comments about Brandi's health.  Brandi is a cancer survivor.  After her battle with ovarian cancer she had troubles conceiving and Sundy mocked the reality star for that as well.

The end of the episode was over the top.  Jackie Christie, who Maxiell had complimented one episode earlier, went crazy.  Maxiell was just explaining how much more mature Jackie acts when Doug is around.  Jackie wants to fight and she calls for Sundy's assistance when security arrives.

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